Sound Blaster X-Fi MB

Sound Blaster X-Fi MB 2.18

Enjoy hi-quality audio streams, effects and features
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Creative Technology Ltd.

Takes advantage of the built-in audio drivers and enhances the sound making it crystal clear. Various effects like 3D Surround can be applied to the stream output.

The Sound Blaster X-Fi MB solution provides premium audio quality, effects and features for PC systems equipped with only basic onboard audio.
For gamers, the EAX® ADVANCED HD 4.0, with its state-of-the-art Multi-Environment rendering and reverb modelling, delivers a much more realistic and immersive 3D gaming experience than your motherboard audio ever will.

In addition, X-Fi Crystalizer adds dynamics and punch to every gunshot, explosion and music track while X-Fi CMSS-3D provides an incredibly realistic surround sound experience from just a pair of stereo headphones.

For music lovers, the X-Fi Crystalizer can restore the details and vibrance, (lost during the compression process) back to your mp3/wma. Also, X-Fi CMSS-3D gives a whole new, 3D-surround sound dimension to your existing stereo music. Other audio effects such as EAX® reverbs, Smart Volume Management and a 10-band graphic equalizer allows you to enhance your music even more. All essential audio effects and controls are conveniently placed in a central and intuitive console.

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